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Authentication Required

You are connecting to a U-M website that requires authentication. Please enter your Login ID (uniqname or Friend ID) and password to continue.

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If you don't have a Login ID, you can create one now.

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Please Note: MToken is not available on mobile devices.

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Forgot Your Password?

Here's what to do:

UMICH Kerberos password
Retrieve your hint or request a password reset
Friend guest account password
Reset your Friend password yourself

For best password security, we recommend you change your password about once every six months. See our password-changing instructions.

Questions about computing accounts can be directed to the ITCS Accounts Office.


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Need a Login ID?

Faculty, Staff, and Students
Faculty, staff, and students should already have a uniqname and UMICH Kerberos password. Please direct questions to the ITCS Accounts Office.
Alumni can create or verify a uniqname online.
Friend guest accounts are available to those who are not eligible for a uniqname.

Questions about computing accounts can be directed to the ITCS Accounts Office.


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MToken Help

Individuals with access to a system requiring two factor authentication should pick up an MToken from one of the campus MToken Distribution Centers (MDC), and activate it. Once you have activated your MToken, you will need to use the tokencode displayed on the front of your MToken every time you log into a department or administrative system that requires two-factor (strong) authentication. Please do not insert your MToken into a USB port.

For assistance with using your MToken, contact an MToken administrator.


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What is an MToken? Do I need one?

An MToken is a security device used to authenticate to web-delivered U-M Administrative Systems. The MToken displays a different six-digit number, called a tokencode, every 60 seconds. Using this single-use tokencode when you log into University resources with your uniqname and UMICH password creates a strong authentication method that protects U-M digital resources.

Individuals with access to U-M Administrative Systems are required to use an MToken. Some U-M units are also using MTokens to secure their departmental systems.


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Forgot your MToken?

If you have been issued an MToken but forgot to bring it with you, you can request a temporary static tokencode. Go to the MToken Service Center website, click the link, "Request Emergency Access," and follow the instructions. If you have not setup Q & A in the MToken Service Center, please contact an MToken Administrator for assistance in obtaining a temporary static tokencode.


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